Technology in Invisibility

‘Invisibility’ Closer to Reality

The journal, New Journal of Physics reports that researches have developed a thin material to help make things “invisible”. According to University of Texas in Austin researchers, if any object is wrapped in the material called “mantle cloak”, it ddisappears but the effect only applies to a limited range of light waves – specifically microwaves. In their experiment, microwave detectors could no longer “see” it, although it was still visible to the human eye. Similarly, the researchers are sure that they can make objects invisible to the human eye.
The effect of the material only covers a very small band of electromagnetic waves at one time, and in the visible range of light, it will only work on objects much thinner than a single strand of hair.
In fact, the new cloak is made by combing copper tape with polycarbonate, a material commonly used in DVD’s and CD’s


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