Second Term for Obama

US president Barack Obama won a second term as president in one of the most keenly contested elections in recent times. Obama won 332 of the 538 electoral votes, comfortably more than the 270 he needed to retain the presidency. But the Electoral College lead doesn’t truly reflect the popular votes where Obama had only a slight advantage over his Republican rival Mitt Romney. Obama won the popular vote of the 57th quadrennial presidential election with 60,113,856 votes or 50.3 percent to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney who finished with 57,424,191 votes or 48.1 percent. Obama took the swing states of Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire with Romney only winning North Caroline. The president also won in Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Mexico, states where analysts thought Romney had possibility.

What titled the contest decisively in Obama’s favor was the overwhelming support he enjoyed among the minorities (Hispanic, Asian and Black), women and voters under 30.

In the elections to the House, Republicans maintained overall control after winning 232 seats leaving Democrats with 191. However, the Democrats fared well in the Senate race, clinging on to a slim majority of 51 seats, while Republicans held 45.


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